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mass addiction

31 Dec 2012


hi guys! in case you haven't already noticed, we have a new title (and with it a cool new banner)!

30 Dec 2012


so i've had a much busier/lazier winter break than i was expecting... sorry for lack of updates! regular tuesday and friday uploads will resume starting the week of the 9th (once i'm back at school)! i may or may not update before then. thanks so much! hope you're all having wonderful holidays!!

13 Dec 2012


hi guys! unfortunately i severely underestimated my finals week and am busting my ass to keep up. so... no comics this week! to make up for it, next week will be a triple upload week! look forward to it! :]

04 Dec 2012

Comic Delay!

Hey guys! Unfortunately I was away all weekend and college is kicking my ass so the next comic will be up on Wednesday night (12/5/12). Thanks for understanding! :]

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